Astoria-Pacific is dedicated to offering our clients the best means to determine nutrient levels in soils, plants and feeds.

We offer the modern-day agricultural laboratory automated wet-chemistry analyzers that can monitor ions/nutrients in water, soils, plants and feed/silage. Our bench-top analyzers have been designed to be cost-effective, and built for the rapid analysis of your samples. For instance, tests like Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, Orthophosphate, TKN, Total Phosphorus, etc., have analysis rates of 45 – 120 samples/hour. Built-in QA protocols in the FASPac and rAPID-T software programs ensure years of accurate, reliable testing!

Our company prides itself in offering the best technical and customer support in the industry. Find out today how Astoria-Pacific can help your lab grow its profitability.

Test Overall Range* Method
Ammonia 0.001 – 2000 mg/L Phenolate or Salicylate
Boron 0.05 – 90 mg/L Azomethine
Calcium Contact Astoria-Pacific Complexone/AMP or Flame Photometry
Chloride 0.05 – 1000 mg/L Mercuric Thiocyanate
Lithium Contact Astoria-Pacific Flame Photometry
Nitrate 0.0005 – 100 mg/L Cd reduction, single reagent, SAN/NED
Orthophosphate 0.0005 – 200 mg/L Single reagent, Molybdate
Potassium 1 – 2500 mg/L Flame Photometry
P2O5 0.01 – 0.32 dag/L or 2 – 100 mg/L Single reagent, Molybdate
Protein (as Nitrogen) 6 – 320 mg/L Phenolate or Salicylate
Selenium 0.1 – 10 ug/L Fluorometric
Silica 0.5 – 300 mg/L Ammonium Molybdate/SnCl2
Sodium 1 – 2500 mg/L Flame Photometry
Total Dissolved Nitrogen 0.1 – 10 mg/L UV digest., Cd reduction, SAN/NED
T. Kjeldahl Nitrogen 0.05 – 80 mg/L Phenolate or Salicylate
T. Phosphorus (TK) 0.01 – 100 mg/L Two reagent Molybdate
T. Phosphorus (Per) 0.001 – 20 mg/L Two reagent Molybdate











*Consult with an API representative for the optimal working range for your laboratory