Astoria-Pacific is dedicated to offering our clients the best means to optimize crop yields by determining nutrient levels in soils, plants and feeds.

We offer the modern-day agricultural laboratory automated wet-chemistry analyzers that can monitor ions/nutrients in water, soils, plants and feed/silage. Our bench-top analyzers have been designed to be cost-effective, and built for the rapid analysis of your samples. For instance, tests like Ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, Orthophosphate, TKN, Total Phosphorus, etc., have analysis rates of 45 – 120 samples/hour. Built-in QA protocols in the FASPac and rAPID-T software programs ensure years of accurate, reliable testing!

Select from our numerous methods lists. Many of the common AOAC, US.EPA and Standard Methods are available on our platforms. We also have alternative methods available that could be perfect for screening and/or research purposes. A research laboratory, as an example, can monitor Selenium (a test normally reported with the use of AA or ICP analyzers) on an Astoria Analyzer, thereby taking advantage of our low-level (0.1 – 10 µg/L) working range and/or our fast (60 samples/hour) rate of analysis.

Our company prides itself in offering the best technical and customer support in the industry. Find out today how Astoria-Pacific can help your lab grow its profitability.

Test Overall Range* Method
Ammonia 0.001 – 2000 mg/L Phenolate or Salicylate
Boron 0.05 – 90 mg/L Azomethine
Calcium Contact Astoria-Pacific Complexone/AMP or Flame Photometry
Chloride 0.05 – 1000 mg/L Mercuric Thiocyanate
Lithium Contact Astoria-Pacific Flame Photometry
Nitrate 0.0005 – 100 mg/L Cd reduction, single reagent, SAN/NED
Orthophosphate 0.0005 – 200 mg/L Single reagent, Molybdate
Potassium 1 – 2500 mg/L Flame Photometry
P2O5 0.01 – 0.32 dag/L or 2 – 100 mg/L Single reagent, Molybdate
Protein (as Nitrogen) 6 – 320 mg/L Phenolate or Salicylate
Selenium 0.1 – 10 ug/L Fluorometric
Silica 0.5 – 300 mg/L Ammonium Molybdate/SnCl2
Sodium 1 – 2500 mg/L Flame Photometry
Total Dissolved Nitrogen 0.1 – 10 mg/L UV digest., Cd reduction, SAN/NED
T. Kjeldahl Nitrogen 0.05 – 80 mg/L Phenolate or Salicylate
T. Phosphorus (TK) 0.01 – 100 mg/L Two reagent Molybdate
T. Phosphorus (Per) 0.001 – 20 mg/L Two reagent Molybdate


*Consult with an API representative for the optimal working range for your laboratory

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