What dilution ratios can you accommodate?

The software can be instructed to perform 5 – 100X dilutions, at increments of five (5)–the software allows the user to select a secondary dilution if the first dilution does not bring the sample into scale the first time. The software allows the user to select the number of samples to be flagged as followers if the off-scale sample causes significant carryover, and these flagged samples will be automatically rerun if this is the case. Pre-dilution can also be selected for unknown samples (history of being high) by adding the desired prerun dilution factor in the Sample Table. Please note that if the autodilution feature is selected, the operator will place empty cups/test tubes on the sample rack and indicate where these will be on the Sample Table. If a need for dilution is identified, the sample is flagged and re-run (with the appropriate dilution factor selected in the configuration) at the end of the run. Please note that on-line Standards Prep, using the diluter, does not have limits; it is capable of making intermediate calibrants to achieve the final desired concentrations.

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