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The SPOTCHECK Express instrument platform includes a liquid handling station, incubator/shaker, and colorimetric plate reader. The high throughput liquid handling pipettor is manufactured by Apricot Designs. The pipettor provides better speed, precision, and reliability than manual pipetting and is very user friendly. The system is currently configured with fixed tips and includes is a tip washing system with a recirculating pump.

The iEMS incubator/shaker is provided by Thermo Scientific and was designed specifically for microplate applications. It includes 9 incubating/shaking chambers. Furthermore, it provides superior temperature control and efficient orbital shaking to dramatically increase sensitivity and specificity of the assays and reduces incubation times, providing high performance and productivity.

The absorbance reader is BioTek’s ELx808™ and includes an excellent software package with extensive data reporting capabilities. BioTek’s new Gen5™ software offers a logical interface designed to easily flow from reading parameters, to plate layout, to powerful data reduction, and finally to flexible data output options.


Biotinidase Specifications

  • 2, 1/8” dried blood spots per well
  • 4 hour incubation time
  • Colorimetric reading at 550nm with 690nm reference
  • Up to 9 plates per day per system (assuming 8 hour shift)


GALT Specifications

  • 1, 1/8” dried blood spot per well
  • 2 hour incubation time
  • Colorimetric reading at 600nm with 750nm reference
  • Up to 12 plates per day per system (assuming 8 hour shift)


  • Future applications are coming soon!

Please contact Astoria-Pacific for more information.