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SPOTCHECK Microplate Kits.

  • Very simple startup and shutdown routine
  • Minimal accessories needed for assay and instrumentation
  • Minimal maintenance required for assay and instrumentation
  • Varying levels of automation available for liquid handling and pipetting
  • Easy to learn the procedure
  • Can be used in conjunction with any plate reader with appropriate lamp and filters and incubator/shaker
  • Pre-weighed and color coded reagents
  • Ideal for any size laboratory (Small, medium, large sample volumes)

SPOTCHECK Continuous Flow Analyzer

  • Proven technology since 1989
  • Same day results
  • Ability to multiplex (One dried blood spot->multiple assays)
  • No transfer of sample or reagents from one plate to another
  • Online dialysis/filtering
  • Stand alone analysis
  • Pre-weighed and color coded reagents
  • Ideal for medium and large sample volumes


FasPac and NeoPac software packages help labs process thousands of samples per year.

  • Sample IDs are easily imported or entered into a Sample Table
  • A Run Table provides real time information including sampler probe location and data retrieval
  • Channel windows provide a real time trace of peaks of concentration values for calibrants, samples, controls, check calibrants, and other values
  • A QC chart helps monitor performance of the system over time
  • Security levels grant personnel varying levels of access
  • Sample results can be flagged if they fall within the lab’s cutoff limits, alerting the operator to take appropriate action.
  • Compatible with LIMS systems for importing sample IDs and exporting data.