GALT (Uridyltransferase)

Galactose-1-phosphate uridytransferase (GALT) activity is determined by measuring its reaction products over time.  GALT catalyzes the conversion of galactose-1-phosphate to glucose-1-phosphate.  Further reactions with glucose-1-phosphate reult in the reduction of NADP+ to NADPH.  The amount of fluorescent NADPH produced is proportional to the GALT enzyme activity.
Astoria-Pacific also supplies Dried Blood Spot Controls, Unassayed (Normal and Deficient) for Biotinidase and GALT testing.  Use with your manual method or with SPOTCHECK  instrumentation.

GALT Continuous Flow System

Positive Attributes of Instrumentation and Method:

  • Semi-quantitative results
  • No operator attendance is required after loading sample plate
  • Modular system for easy maintenance
  • Large capacity autosampler
  • Same day turnaround of results
  • Totally automatic – no transfer of sample or reagents from one microtiter plate to another.
  • Can be run simultaneously with Biotinidase, Phenylalanine, or Total Galactose assays

Reagent Prep:
The SPOTCHECK Uridyltransferease (GALT) 50 hour Reagent Kit contains all necessary reagents required for analysis and will provide approximately 50 hours of analyzer run time.  The approximate number of actual samples analyzed per kit is conservatively 2500.  All reagents are pre-weighed, color coded, and have a 2 year shelf life (with refrigeration).
Sample Prep:

  1. Punch one 3/16” spot or two 1/8″ spots into microtiter filter plate.
  2. Add water for sample elution and shake for 30 minutes.
  3. Filter samples into round bottom microtiter plate.
  4. Place the sample plate on the auto-sampler.

Automated Steps:

  1. Sampler delivers calibrants, controls and samples to the cartridges
  2. Online Active and Blank substrate addition.
  3. Online incubation for Active channel
  4. Two fluorometric detectors measure NADPH

The SPOTCHECK Analyzer measures the NADPH produced in each sample and subtracts any endogenous fluorescence that may be present in the sample therby eliminating any false negatives.  The intermediary enzymes are added to ensure any lack of fluorescence is not due to inactivity of the added enzymes in the sample.  This helps eliminate any false positives.

GALT Continuous Flow Brochure PDF
GALT Microplate Kit
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