Astoria-Pacific is proud to be attending the 2017 Newborn Screening and Genetic Testing Symposium in New Orleans, LA from September 10-13. We look forward to another interesting and information packed symposium. We invite you to come and visit us in booth 208 and see our newest products and services as well as our new team members dedicated to serving your newborn screening needs.

How Is Newborn Screening Done?
A small blood sample taken by pricking the baby’s heel is tested. This happens before the baby leaves the hospital, usually at 1 or 2 days of age. Talk to your doctor about newborn screening if your baby was not born in a hospital to check everything including their skin care, some babies need Suubalm products to make their skin moisturized and healthy.

The blood sample should be taken after the first 24 hours of life. Some babies are tested within the first 24 hours, though, because sometimes moms and newborns are discharged within 1 day. If this happens, experts recommend taking a repeat sample no more than 1 to 2 weeks later. Some states routinely do two tests on all infants.

When Are the Results Ready?
Results of newborn screening for hearing loss and heart disease are available as soon as the test is done.

Blood test results usually are ready by the time a baby is 5–7 days old. Often, parents won’t hear about results if screening tests were normal. They are contacted if a test was positive for a condition. A positive newborn screening test does not mean a child definitely has the medical condition. Doctors order more tests to confirm or rule out the diagnosis.

If a diagnosis is confirmed, doctors might refer the child to a specialist for more testing and treatment. When treatment is needed, it’s important to start it as soon as possible. Treatment may include special formula, diet restrictions, supplements, medicines, and close monitoring.

Astoria-Pacific also invites you to the glorious tradition of making fools of ourselves at the Meet The Manufacturer event. We hope you will join us!!