What auto shutdown/startup features are available with an Astoria?

FASPacII uses “time events” features. Shutdown can be set by any interval after the run has ended or by time of day. Startup can be set by time of day, which can also turn on heat baths, adjust pump speed, etc. During standby mode, pump speed is adjusted to intermittent (i.e. pump runs for approx. 3 secs every 30 secs), low speed or a customized speed to ensure pump tube life. In turn, automatic power-down/power-up can be performed with the heat baths. Also, with this “timer” feature, the operator can tell the system what to do (i.e. turn off heat baths just after run or at a certain time, turn pump to high speed ten minutes after run, turn on heat baths ten minutes prior to run at 7AM, etc.). Note: The operation of the lamp (on/off) can also be set in this automatic timed events feature, thereby allowing the detectors to warm up before the operator gets to the lab. Please note that the power option for Heat Bath controllers are currently available only on the Astoria2(+2).

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