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New rAPID-XT system for Free Sulfite analysis in Wine

Introducing the rAPID-XT by Astoria-Pacific

“Astoria-Pacific offers affordable, reliable and dependable automated analyzers for Wine Analysis. Historically, our core applications for testing have been: Acetic Acid, Glucose+Fructose, L-Malic Acid, Total Sulfite, and NOPA and Ammonia. This year, we are EXCITED to offer a new Free Sulfite module (AstoriaX-FS) that couples with our rAPID-T system–thereby creating an AMAZING platform for Free Sulfite analysis! The rAPID-XT will ELIMINATE the “guess work and unreliability” of current Free Sulfite reagent kits on the market. The rAPID-XT will offer “long sought” parity with your reference lab of choice (myEnologist, Baker Wine Lab, ETS, Vinquiry, etc.). Stop by our virtual booth, and/or zap us an email for more information. Make Wine Analysis DEPENDABLE again!”

–Brady Miller, VP of Sales and Technologies, Astoria-Pacific

Closing the “Customer Login” capabilities on our site.

Due to some recent security issues, we will be disabling the “customer login” feature on the website that was set aside for downloading software updates, etc. We had moved away from accessing software updates via this method a while back anyway, since it’s important for you to contact us to make sure you receive the correct version.

Nitrate by Enzymatic Reduction Has been Printed in the Federal Register!

Recently included in the newest Clean Water Act Methods Update Rule and printed in the Federal Register, the Nitrate by Enzymatic Reduction method, by NECi Superior Enzymes, will be fully effective on Sept 27, 2017, and, for judicial review purposes, final rule is promulgated as of 1pm ET 12 Sept 2017.

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